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Museo Sorrento Experience

MuseumCome to discover history, traditions and legends of the Sorrento Peninsula

Sorrento Experience is a multimedia exhibition created to introduce tourists and, why not, also to those who live on the Amalfi Coast and in the neighboring areas, history, customs and traditions of Sorrento. Born from the intuition of Antonino Pane, an eclectic entrepreneur who decided to give life to a unique project of its kind, Sorrento Experience is an idea that comes from afar, when in the 90s the founder worked as a hotel porter and listened the guides praise the beauties of other places and not of Sorrento. Today finally Pane fulfills his dream: an exhibition itinerary that winds through installations, artistic elements and works resulting from the inspiration of the master craftsmen.

Entering the building in via Sersale, you come across a painting depicting Torquato Tasso. Approaching the painting, the great poet begins to speak, illustrating to the visitor the most important aspects of his life and his connection with his hometown. Further on, after meeting the mythical sirens that bewitched Ulysses, he comes across another suggestive passage, the one that, through a video reconstruction, allows you to relive the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Crossing the corridors that look like caves made of tuff ashlars, for a stretch paved with flagstones, you can admire the photographs of the characteristic corners and of the characters that have given prestige to the city. They range from ancient Sorrento to the views of the gulf, up to the portraits of Sophia Loren. There is no lack of references to local crafts such as crib art and inlay. Without forgetting the tradition of the hooded processions and Easter rites. There is also a wooden boat that brings to mind the activity of the fishermen of the seaside villages and the work of the shipwrights who made them. The tribute to music could not be missing. One space hosts an organ and an old gramophone that spreads the notes of the songs dedicated to Sorrento with the voices that made them unforgettable, from Lucio Dalla to Enrico Caruso.

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